Saturday, December 4, 2010

A short biography of Maria Ozawa.

Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1986, in Hokkaido, Japan. She was interested in working in the world of adult entertainment from the time she was a teenager. Her modelling career began in 2005 with the modelling agency B-open. She was baptized as Miyabi.

She first appeared on the site as a model and also acted in a pair of adult videos. Her performance attracted the attention of several companies and, no sooner, she was signed by S1. With them, Ozawa appeared in the video “New Face- Number One Style in October, 2005.

Maria Ozawa also appeared in a compilation video alongside adult entertainment stars like Asami, Sora Aoi, Yua Aida. S1 released a new video of Ozawa till February 2007. Next they released Pako Pako with Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Maria Ozawa.

She ended her contract with S1 in late 2007 and signed up with Dasdas (DAS). With them she acted in videos since April. Among the videos released are Beautiful Eurasian News Anchor Maria Ozawa Desiring Nakadashi.

Why is Maria Ozawa famous?
Maria Ozawa is famous because she is a porn star who appeared all over the internet and in many movies and videos for the adults. She is most known by the men because she is a very sexy girl and shouted in many positions. Also, Maria a young girl and the men enjoy to see young girl nude or making sex. She is famous because she put her nude body all over the internet in different pictures.

Why do we love Maria Ozawa?
We love her because she is doing very well her job and because is a young and sexy girl. She is desired and loved by many men from all over the world and in the same time Maria is known like being a good girl. Maria is the fantasy of many men but just a few recognize that. We love her because is a good porn star.

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