Monday, August 15, 2011


Japan's MYPROOF is a prime example of a band that pushes itself to the limits on every release, in order to fully utilize their technical abilities. Originally a metalcore band (from their inception in 1999, up to their full-length album "Reason for My Justice"), they have long since totally embraced the realm of melodic death metal; from their "Sky of Destiny" EP (released in 2007 through their own label, Akashi Inc.), up to their newest EP "Pupil of Astraea". This was evolution, rather than a conscious decision. Despite the change in musical direction, their love for Japanese ballads and anime sounds is fortunately still intact, thus we can rest assured that their music is still a refreshing listen, unique, and most importantly, still a representation of their Japanese essence. Their past releases have been praised by both hardcore and metal critics worldwide, and received rave reviews from related webzines/magazines from around the globe. Their songs are earmarked by memorable melodies, strong song writing, anime-style guitar solos, a blend of death metal growls and Japanese-style ballad singing, as well as overall musical proficiency. Be prepared to be addicted to MYPROOF; infectious music of which you'll never tire, even in continuous listening. Their time to shine has already come.

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