Saturday, November 19, 2011


Blind to the answers, Find yourself, Walk for the moment, Find the reason in yourself, There's a reason for you and i, Take this time to find a meaning, A reason to sit back and measure the worst 6 years of my life, Waiting for your legs to close on my best friends, Last night I saw your life flash before my eyes, Why did I laugh so hard baby? (you won't be back and I'm still laughing) I never meant to hurt you(but I did) I'm sorry that you cried so hard darling, I'll never hurt you again, take this time to find your tongue, A sorry excuse to stop your lies, The best 30 seconds of my life, My angel take your pills, My angel I sold your ring, And now I can't stop laughing, I didn't want it this way, I hope you're happy where you are and I'm glad to say I put you there, Who's the one that's laughing now, I'm the one who's laughing now(now there's nothing left to say I hope you're feeling my embrace, And I can't sleep) you should have left me sleeping, You should have let me sleep...

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